Croatian language translators

Reserve list of successful candidates

Croatian-language translators EPSO/AD/233/12 The list of successful candidates for this competition was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 23.10.2013. Full information on this competition is available by clicking on the navigation bar above and at

Croatian language translators 2012 – Final competition results

  Publication of assessment centre and final competition (EPSO/AD/233/12) results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 23/08/2013 Number of candidates on the reserve list:  – Option 1: 45 – Option 2: 25  

Croatian language translators (EPSO/AD/233/12): Members of the Selection Board

You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in writing(…)

Translators (EPSO/AD/233/12 & EPSO/AD/240-241/12): minimum score needed

AD/233 – Croatian  Option 1 :            147 admitted– threshold: 36,166 Option 2 :            77 admitted – threshold: 38,000 AD/240 – Estonian Option 1 :            76 admitted – threshold: 26,667 Option 2 :            33 admitted – threshold:  33,500 AD/241 – Irish Option 1 :            17 admitted (no threshold, as all candidates who were successful(…)

Translators (EPSO/AD/233/12 & EPSO/AD/240-241/12): Invitation to the Assessment Centers published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts

Invitation to the Assessment Centers published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 14/12/2012 Assessment Centre sessions will be held as follows (approximate final date): Grade Croatian-language translators (HR) Estonian-language translators (ET) Irish-language translators (GA) Latvian-language translators (LV) Portuguese-language translators (PT) AD 5 28/01 – 22/04/13 (223 candidates) 30/01 – 25/04/13 (109 candidates) 30/01 – 07/02/13 (17(…)

EPSO/AD/233/12 and EPSO/AD/240-243/12 – Competitions for translators – Delayed CBT results

  Further to a number of questions on this topic, we would like to inform candidates of the competitions for translators that EPSO is unfortunately unable to publish the CBT results at the moment due to technical problems. Please accept our apologies. We will not reply to each individual question, but we will keep you(…)

Address of your centre for admission tests

Attention: Since 1/9/2012, some new test centres have been added and some existing ones have changed their location. Please make sure to have the correct information on your test centre. You can consult the new addresses in the booking system as well as via the booking confirmation letter in your EPSO account.

Competitions for linguists: Booking of your computer-based admission tests – most important points to remember

Candidates of the linguists’ competitions can now book for their computer-based tests.  Before you book your admission tests, do not forget that: Booking is only possible during the period indicated in your EPSO account. In general, booking starts at midnight on the first day and ends at 12 o’clock (midday) Brussels time on the final day. If you do(…)

Translators 2012 – dates for CBT booking and admission tests

The booking period for the admission tests for the translator competitions EPSO/AD/233/12, EPSO/AD/240/12, EPSO/AD/241/12, EPSO/AD/242/12 and EPSO/AD/243/12 is planned to run from 11 to 19 September 2012. The testing should take place between 24 September and 12 October 2012. Further information concerning these tests will be published in the EPSO account of all candidates concerned during the first(…)

EPSO/AD/233/12 – Provisional number of applications

  Deadline for applications for the competitions for administrators (EPSO/AD/233-235/12) was on 24/07/2012. Provisional number of applications per grade and per field: EPSO/AD/233/12 – Translators Option 1: 1279 Option 2: 899   Please note these figures are provisional. Contrary to our rules, some candidates validated more then one application.  Once we have identified these multiple(…)