Message to the attention of Spanish candidates

La Unidad de Apoyo de la Representación Permanente de España ante la Unión Europea quiere felicitar a los candidatos españoles que hayan superado la fase de preselección y apoyarles en la preparación de la fase de selección.  Para ello, se está organizando una actividad informativa  de carácter presencial para facilitar la preparación de dicha fase(…)

Members of the Selection Board

Members of the Selection Board

Updated information on the selection procedure for contract agents in the field of translation

For the five languages with verbal and numerical reasoning tests (Italian, Greek, Spanish, French and Romanian), the results for these tests are planned to be published by end of May. CV sift will start beginning of June. The invitation for the competency tests should be sent by the end of June and the tests are(…)

Update on the publication of results of the CV sifting and the test date

  The publication in the EPSO accounts of results of the CV sifting is planned for the end of May/beginning of June 2012. The competency test is planned to take place on 22/06/2012 in Brussels. Detailed information will soon be available in the candidates’ EPSO accounts.  

Admission results

AST/113/11 Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSOaccounts:  04/05/2012 Talent Screener – minimum score needed in the first screening stage to be selected to the second screening stage: 17 Talent Screener – minimum score needed in the second screening stage to be invited to the assessment centre: 58 Number of candidates invited to the Assessment(…)

Admission results

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 08/05/2012. Minimum score in the admission tests needed to pass to the assessment centre: Financial Management / Accounting 100,44 Communication 99,77 Project Management / Programme Management / Contract Management 104,11

CORRIGENDUM: no verbal and numerical tests

Registration to the EPSO/CAST/S/3/2012 selection was closed on 19th April at midday. A corrigendum was published on 04/05/2012. No verbal and numerical reasoning computer-based tests will be held for this selection. The next step is the CV sifting phase whereby selection will be based on qualifications – CV sifting phase (see Call for expressions of interest EPSO/CAST/S/3/2012, Point(…)

Provisional number of applications per grade and per field – EPSO/AD/230-231/12

Deadline for applications for the competitions for administrators (2012 cycle) was on 17/04/2012. Provisional number of applications per grade and per field:  Field  Grade  Number of applications  EUROPEAN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AD5 12287 AD7 7892  LAW AD5 4636 AD7 2130  AUDIT AD5 2675 AD7 1389  COMMUNICATION AD5 3468 AD7 2023  EXTERNAL RELATIONS AD5 6519 AD7 2338(…)

CAST childcare staff: updates

Update on timetable and number of applications: 1. Timetable Step Date Sifting of CVs First half of May 2012 Competency tests Beginning of June 2012 Results of competency tests sent to candidates July 2012 2. Updated number of applications: Total number of applications after closure (CAST childcare):  2471 A. NURSERY NURSES/CHILDCARE WORKERS (M/F): 473 B.(…)

CAST buildings: Number of applications

The applications for the contract agents’ selection procedure in the filed of buildings was closed on 19/04/2012. Number of applications per profile:       Function group Profile Number of applications FGI Building Management – Technical and Administrative Support Agent 704 FGII Building Management – Logistical Support Assistant 447 FGIII Building Management – Building Technician/Building(…)