Do you know how many social media accounts are managed by the EU institutions? Our new Social Media Directory (SMD) lists all existing accounts across platforms and institutions all in one place. 

Who's who?

Published on Europa, the inter-institutional website, our new SMD interface makes it easier to find which institutions are on social media; where to find information on specific topic; and an account breakdown of who's who on social media. Our redesigned structure makes the database more search-friendly and easier to keep up-to-date.

What's new?

Previously, our Contact section displayed five static pages, listing all EU institutional accounts under Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube or Blogs. However, as new social media accounts were opened, this list grew longer and less search-friendly. In addition, the rise of newer social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Vine or even Storify went unaccounted for.

Super search

The new ‘search by topic’ feature makes it easier for users to navigate a comprehensive list of EU institutions' social media accounts. Searchable topics reflect those previously listed on the Europa site.

Furthermore, the tool has been designed to enable a 'multi-select' search, allowing users to select one or more social media networks, or look for one or more topics in parallel, filtering by type of accounts, persons representing the institutions, central accounts of the institutions or even by department.  

See for yourself! Check out the Social Media Directory here.

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