16 Dec 2015

“A vision for the EU sharing economy” 1st Workshop

The EU Policy Lab is currently running a foresight project on the "sharing economy" to explore its possible future developments in a comprehensive, open and imaginative way. Through a qualitative and participatory approach, we will generate insights for the development of a European agenda for the "sharing" or "collaborative" economy by  the European Commission. In the context of this project, we organised the first of two workshops in Brussels on 10th December (the second one planned for 25-26

7 Dec 2015

Transforming a region from within

How do you promote a user-centred culture within a regional administration? How do make different parts of an administration speak the same language? How do you involve citizens to co-create services? Well, you participate in the Transfo programme and set up your own design lab. Meeting the 27e Region and the PACA region innovation lab On November 18-19 the 27e Region organised in collaboration with the JRC EU Policy Lab a meeting of French regional

2 Dec 2015

2035: Paths towards a sustainable EU economy

The report "2035: Paths towards a sustainable EU economy" was published today This foresight study aimed at developing long-term visions for eco-industries (Horizon 2035), identifying relevant trends and drivers, highlighting implications for EU policies and describing realistic and desirable possible futures. A systemic approach to eco-industries was taken by defining them as a stream of business activities across and within the entire industrial bsegment of society encompassing "Green industries" (environmental industries), "Industries greening"(other industries adopting eco-innovations)