A EU-wide Once-Only Principle (OOP)









Challenge description

The “once-only” principle in the context of public sector means that citizens and businesses should supply information only once to a public administration in the EU. Public administration offices take action to share this data across borders, so that no additional burden falls on citizens and businesses. The once-only principle supports the concept of user centricity. It focuses on the reduction of administrative burden of users by re-organising public sector internal processes rather than making users to accommodate to public sector’s internal processes.

The session explores how the various policy labs in Europe can bring ideas from citizens, pilot solutions at local, regional or national level and contribute to a possible EU policy on the Once Only Principle.

Workshop results

The participants underlined that in order to build trust towards the government, citizens should be the owner of their personal data. We should first identify the data currently available or easily accessible to the citizens. An hackathon could be used to design the “e-wallet/personal data key” that then could be tested on citizens by the different labs that could be involved in the project.

Next steps

This approach could feed into an EU funded research project on the Once-Only Principle. Additionally, we are currently defining if it would be possible to test the idea of the e-wallet as one specific case for the e-Citizen Charter project.