22 Dec 2016

How can global trends be used in foresight?

On 18th November we organised a one-day workshop to pilot a foresight policy-engagement tool based on a set of global megatrends. The workshop was also used to gather the experience and good practice of foresight practitioners in engaging policy-makers and other stakeholders in long-term and systems-thinking processes. Piloting the ForKnow tool The purpose of the workshop was twofold: to pilot the policy – engagement tool based on global megatrends and to gather experience and good

19 Oct 2016

EU Policy Lab at FOOD2030 Conference: our workshop on Food Visions

The EU Policy Lab made an appearance at the precursor to the FOOD 2030 conference that was held in Brussels from 12-13 October 2016. FOOD 2030 is an initiative launched by the DG Research and Innovation (DG RTD) to establish a single framework for research and innovation in addressing the future of Food and Nutrition Systems. Given the Policy Lab's previous work on food-related topics, as well as our current project on Food Systems, we

12 May 2016

The EU Policy Lab and the Young Leaders at the European Development Days 2016

For the second consecutive year, our lab will work with 16 young representatives from all over the world in the context of the European Development Days (EDDs) Each year the Young Leaders Programme selects and invites 16 exceptional young people to the EDDs to share their ideas, bring insights and to enrich the debates with the high-level decision-makers in the various panels of this forum. These Young Leaders are experts in their respective fields and