12 Nov 2019

Exploratory workshop – Future trends and farmers in 2040

On the 18th & 19th of June a 2-day workshop took place, initiating the exploration of the Farmers of the Future. The purpose of the participatory workshop was to discuss future trends and their impacts towards 2040 regarding farmers’ professional and social roles. The workshop gathered about 50 European experts and stakeholders from the agricultural sector, in particular farmers, as well as from industry, academia, civil society and the European Commission to bring a broad

19 Dec 2016

New foresight study: The future of the EU collaborative economy

What if…political power in the EU largely moved to the regions and empowered citizens worked together at local and regional level in a spirit of openness and fairness, towards a more sustainable world? This "collaborative economy" could be a place where, in 2030, relatively small digital platforms, often cooperatives or community-owned, are tools to enable everybody to participate in the economy as well as in the community. Sharing, renting and product servitisation (creating value by

29 Nov 2016

The future of food security – New report focused on food safety and nutrition

The report of the foresight study "Delivering on EU food safety and nutrition 2050 – future challenges and policy preparedness", carried out by DG JRC, including the EU Policy Lab, and the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety, is now available. The study adds another perspective to already existing foresight studies which focus rather on the sufficiency aspects of food for a growing world population. However, as today's experience already shows, neither food safety

4 Apr 2016

What future for platform mediated labour markets?

In the context of our foresight project on the “sharing economy” we carried out a second workshop on 25-26 February. Building on the relevant drivers of change identified in the 1st workshop in December 2015, a set of four future scenarios was developed to be further enriched and used as a basis for discussion. About 40 participants from "sharing economy" platforms, academia, international organisations, trade unions, agency work industry, think tanks, and Commission Services shared