22 Feb 2016

Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy: European Report 2016

How do private companies ensure that new products will have sufficient demand? How can pharmaceutical companies be sure that new medicines will have proven health effects? How can the automotive industry design more aerodynamic and safer cars? While there is no mystery around what delivers better products in the private sector, yet the same approach struggles to trickle down to the public sector. It aint's what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's

25 Oct 2015

Building research into practical regulation for consumer financial protection

The EU Policy Lab was invited to speak in London, during a joint OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)-FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) 2-day conference on "Discovering what works: Building research into practical regulation for consumer financial protection". The event was well attended, with just short of one hundred participants from 34 different jurisdictions. Sharing knowledge The event was an opportunity to share knowledge – and even gain direct exposure through amusing hands-on experiments -

20 Oct 2015

2nd Nudge Climate Challenge

The EU Policy Lab was invited as a member of the Jury for the 2nd Nudge Climate Challenge. This initiative took place during the Public Innovation week (12-18 Oct), promoted and organised by NudgeFrance, which promotes the Nudge approach in France. What is a Nudge? Nudge (which is also the title of a bestseller book by Sunstein and Thaler, 2008) literally means a gentle push. In policymaking, a nudge is a change of the choice