The EU Industry Days 2019 will focus on key industrial challenges such as sustainability, digitalisation, investment and globalisation. The event, on 5-6 February, will demonstrate how EU industrial policy benefits European citizens and provide input for future policy making. This will gather around 1,500 participants from across Europe and beyond, including stakeholders representing industry, trade unions, national and regional authorities, and civil society. You can read more about the EU Industry Days 2019 on its main webpage.

During the event, experts from the European Commission will lead discussions and Q&A sessions about specialist areas that impact industry such as intellectual property, corporate social responsibility, blockchain, the Enterprise Europe Network, public procurement or the aeronautic sector.

EU Industry Days 2019

The EU Policy Lab project #Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations, will be present in EU Industry Days 2019 with a session focused on prospective exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on Blockchain and other ‘Distributed Ledger Technologies’ for industrial/non-financial sectors. We will present key blockchain features and challenges and will explore potential use cases in 9 industrial sectors, together with the exhibition and presentation of speculative blockchain prototypes co-created with stakeholders on energy, transports and logistics, creative industries, advanced manufacturing, and health sectors. In the end, we will map out key insights for industry, SMEs and other business stakeholders, and you will have the opportunity to give recommendations to policy makers.

The #Blockchain4EU sessions will take place on February 5, 14.30 – 16.00, room R3 at The Egg. Anyone registered for the EU Industry Days 2019 can attend this session. You can learn more about the #Blockchain4EU project in the EU Policy Lab blog, and you can find more information about this session in the Meet the Experts webpage of the EU Industry Days 2019

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