16 Dec 2015

“A vision for the EU sharing economy” 1st Workshop

The EU Policy Lab is currently running a foresight project on the "sharing economy" to explore its possible future developments in a comprehensive, open and imaginative way. Through a qualitative and participatory approach, we will generate insights for the development of a European agenda for the "sharing" or "collaborative" economy by  the European Commission. In the context of this project, we organised the first of two workshops in Brussels on 10th December (the second one planned for 25-26

1 Jun 2015

Futures Leaders discuss their visions for the world in 2035

Muhammed Kisirisa (26) from Uganda runs a community based organisation that helps hundreds of youths from Kampala’s poorest slum to get vocational training and get out of poverty. Lia Weiler (26) from Germany co-founded an energy-saving stoves project to produce healthier stoves as an assembly set for developing countries. Tanvi Girotra (24) from India established a youth-led education foundation which tackles problems in the most marginalised communities, such as sex trafficking and women empowerment by

FTA conference 2014

Since 2004, the JRC organised four future-oriented technology analysis (FTA) conferences aimed at developing communities of foresight, forecasting and technology assessment, where experts interact and help in guiding strategy, policy and decision-making to anticipate and shape future developments. The fifth edition of the Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) under the headline "Engage today to shape tomorrow" aimed to consolidate such international network of foresight academics and practitioners in business, civil society organisations and government, but as