The JRC is organising its annual conference on 11 October 2016 in Bozar, Brussels. This time, the topic is human capital for territorial growth. The event will gather researchers, policy makers and civil society representatives to identify major challenges for human capital development in regions and cities, including demographic change, migration and fairness to propose recommendations for research and policy actions. The conference coincides with a broad range of events that are part of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

The EU Policy Lab is organising one of the afternoon roundtables (15:45 – 17:00): Tomorrow’s cities – innovative approaches to tackling social challenges.

Already today, more than three quarters of Europeans live in cities and the importance of cities and urban areas in Europe will continue to grow. Cities are great places to start new business; they provide platforms for inter-cultural interactions and are incubators for innovation. This growth however, is also accompanied by complex challenges. Environmental problems, the ageing population, the risk of segregation, the influx of refugees and growing diversity are only a few examples of the issues that cities have to face and that have an impact on the development of their human capital. This roundtable will use an interactive discussion format to discuss future perspectives on cities with a focus on social challenges and innovative ways of tackling them. The roundtable speakers will approach the topic from different angles, combining both research and civil society organisation backgrounds and experiences.
• Nick Dunn, Professor, Urban Design, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts & Institute for Social Futures, Lancaster University, UK
• Pieter van de Glind, Co-founder, ShareNL, Netherlands
• Abbas Sbeity, Founder & Director, Lebanese Architecture Club, Lebanon
• Sanja Sontor, Head of International Academics, Kiron Open Higher Education, Germany

If you wish to join us, please register, the number of places is limited.

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