The Complex System Analyser is a participatory tool that was developed by the JRC together with a range of experts. Its purpose is to decompose and analyse any complex system so as identify the key leverage points on which to act if one wants to influence this system. It was developed to analyse the food chain in the context of food security.

What the Complex System Analyzer provides

The Complex System Analyser is a participatory process designed to define intervention strategies intended to maximise the chances of obtaining the desired outcomes for any given complex system.

How the Complex System Analyzer works

The Complex System Analyser provides a 1 to 2-day participatory process working in five main stages:  identify the main actors of the system, their functions and their links, define the key parameters of the system, characterise the interactions between the parameters and identify the key leverage points. Reaching this point makes it possible to start a reflection to define intervention strategies.

How to access the Complex System Analyzer

The Complex System Analyzer is available to any interested party under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) that lets people use it and transform it as long as the source is acknowledged. To obtain a printable version of the Complex System Analyzer, please contact us at

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