Challenge description

How to best use the cultural and creative sectors for employment and innovation? Youth unemployment (especially in the south, but also young people on precarious contracts all over Europe) is a major challenge for Europe; we are starting to speak about a “lost generation”, or even more structurally, of the 4th industrial revolution eating up paid jobs.

On the one hand, we want to embrace technological change and make the most out of it for our society – how can we do this, and at the same time not aggravate social inequalities? How can we find meaningful and remunerated jobs for our future generations?

On the other hand, Europe has a lot to offer in terms of culture and creativity. What is sometimes perceived as a challenge by policy-makers (subsidies to the cultural sectors) can also be made use of in looking for solutions. Europe also has great historical buildings and cultural heritage and creative hubs are springing up in many places. Young people are often very tech and innovation savy, as well as being playful, creative and curious.

Workshop results

Young people across Europe need to overcome a difficult transition period between leaving education and  finding meaningful jobs.  Lab Connections participants identified weak economies, changes in employment practices (flexiblility, self-employement, gig economy) and the gap between education and work experience as major issues. Creative hubs are appearing all across Europe and could create opportunities to provide skills, increase employability, and ensure social inclusion, particularly among the most disadvantaged.

We would like to support creative hubs to explore and perhaps redefine their role in terms of outreach and support to young to find a meaningful place in digital economy labour market.

Next steps

By using creative hubs as focal points we would like to address the following questions:

  1. What are the needs and aspiration of young?
  2. What are the demands and opportunities in the (digital economy) labour market?
  3. What are the skill gaps that creative hubs could contribute to fill?
  4. How can creative hubs reach out to a wider population of young?

The Creative Hub P2P programme provides an opportunity for creative hubs to jointly develop their activities and business models and to transfer new working methods and experiences to other hubs.

The specific objective of this action is to create a prototype for challenge-oriented P2P exchanges between creative hubs with an added-value for both the creative hubs and the EU.