The #DLT4Good project continues to support the DLT4EU programme, and its second Bootcamp was just held between 28 September and 2 October.

This is a halfway mark of the Accelerator, and it took place online instead of London, its originally planned location. The Bootcamp was as an important milestone for the Venture Teams and Challenge Owners participating in this programme, as well as for the DLT4EU consortium.

The Venture teams have until December to develop Proofs-of-Concept of DLT solutions that tackle different challenges in the social and public sector. But they now had the chance to demonstrate, for the first time, how far they have got with their solutions in front of a panel of experts.

Each Venture Team was asked to present a Demo of their Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to date to this panel, including experts from the #DLT4Good project, their Challenge Owner, and a Virtual Field Lab (VFL) Coach on the first day. As the Demos were also showcased in front of the other teams, it was a great opportunity for from peer-to-peer learning.

During the rest of this week-long Bootcamp, the teams attended sprint sessions and had meetings with different mentors, all to further improve their solutions and plan the way forward the next two months of development, and to receive specific feedback on aspects such as technical development, product development, and business models.

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