A core part of our #DLT4Good project is to co-design and support an Accelerator programme to stimulate the creation and advancement of promising DLT applications for social and public good;

We’re happy to announce that the #DLT4EU Accelerator has kicked-off! As the winning consortium of a Call for proposals launched last year, Metabolic (NL), Digital Catapult (UK) and Ideas for Change (ES) have started #DLT4EU early this year to support and connect European organisations working on DLT solutions to tackle challenges in the public and social sector.

#DLT4EU main activities will compose a programme to pilot DLT applications meeting real-world challenges in the public or social spheres. Their focus is put on the twin transitions, the sustainable and digital, with major attention given to Circular Economy and Digital Citizenship. With this in mind, they will connect public and social organisations with potential challenges in these areas, with developers, start-ups, and other actors offering DLT-based solutions.

The first event of #DLT4EU was hosted by Metabolic and took place in one of the Accelerator’s main nodes, Amsterdam. The two-day workshop, with different working groups dedicated to ideation and planning, set off this over a year-long journey.

We are truly excited to support this programme and learn with and from them to further our #DLT4Good project ambitions of developing innovative policy frameworks and other guidelines for experimentation and broader investment on emerging technologies such as DLTs and Blockchain.

We will keep you updated on #DLT4EU news and activities here, especially on when it is time for applications to the Accelerator Program. In the meanwhile, check out the Accelerator’s webpage and its Twitter and Instagram accounts for more current activities.

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