As part of our #DLT4good project, we are mapping Blockchain and other DLT projects / applications that operate or generate impact in social and / or public sectors. Our goal is to build a review of activities, use cases, organisations, networks and more, to inform and support European innovation and policy frameworks.

We invite you to share information about projects / applications in this space.

Mapping the European Ecosystem of Blockchains and DLTs for Social and Public Good

The results will be made available after review via online and / or print format/s under Creative Commons licenses (CC BY 4.0 / CC0 1.0). A set of relevant projects / applications can be invited to participate in specific activities of the #DLT4Good project or other activities organised by the European Commission.

#DLT4Good aims to stimulate anticipatory research and experimentation for the co-creation of a European ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for social and public good. To learn more about #DLT4Good visit our project page or contact the team.

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