The #DLT4Good Pilot Project Call for Proposals has just ended. This Call was aimed at supporting the European Commission to develop an Accelerator programme on Blockchain and other DLT solutions for social and public good , engage and support projects on the ground, and disseminate outputs and learnings with other projects and organisations.

But in the same context, the EU Policy Lab is also supporting the EIC Horizon Prize #EICHorizonPrize ‘Blockchain for Social Good’. The last stage deadline is coming up on September 3 for final submissions. To learn more about this Prize visit the EIC webpage or download the Infographic.

EIC Horizon Prizes have the ambitious goal to solve major societal challenges. In this case, the European Commission will award 5 prizes of EUR 1 million each to innovators that use Blockchain technology to develop decentralized, scalable, efficient and high-impact solutions to bring positive social change.

EIC Horizon Prize 'Blockchains for Social Good'

The Prize is open to anyone willing to think outside the box across sectors and disciplines, and will be awarded to whoever best meets the challenges at hand. This includes a wide range of actors: individuals, social entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, research centres from technological and social disciplines, creative industries, students, hackers, start-ups and SMEs.

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