A major goal of our #DLT4Good project is to co-design and support an Accelerator programme to stimulate the creation and advancement of promising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) applications for social and public good. The DLT4EU project exists in this framework as a consortium selected through a competitive call for proposals to accelerate DLTs for social and public sectors.

DLT4EU started its 6-months Accelerator programme with a first intensive Bootcamp in the week of 1-7 July. Originally planned to be held in Amsterdam, it occurred online because of COVID-19.

In an Open Call launched in April, several organisations in the public and social sector shared their real-world challenges to instigate solutions based on the use of DLTs. After a thorough selection process, 8 teams emerged as winners of the Open call and are now the Venture Teams in the Accelerator, with 6 organisations becoming Challenge Owners.

The Bootcamp brought them together for the first time in a collective setting to work in Virtual Field Labs that will develop and demonstrate functional solutions (Proof-of-Concept) to the challenges on the table. These cover different issues as data sovereignty for citizens, peer-to-peer energy solutions, e-waste management, charitable aid accountability, shared e-mobility, supply chain transparency, circularity in the textiles sector, and digital impact coins for use in community projects’ investment.

This first Bootcamp prepared the teams for their journey via diverse masterclasses and workshops, with support and contributions from our #DLT4Good experts and advisors. Amongst daily knowledge-intensive collective sessions and individual mentorship moments that took place along this week, we can highlight the ‘DLTs for Public Good’ masterclass held by Jaya Klara Brekke, Mara Balestrini and Liz Corbin, and the ‘Legal and Regulation’ masterclass led by Primavera de Filippi.

All projects completed this Bootcamp with added value to their solutions and will now work intensively in their first three-month sprint until the second DLT4EU Bootcamp in September. But what is coming up next is the DLT4EU Public Launch – which you should not miss!

Check out more info about DLT4EU on their website, and keep updated through Twitter and Instagram.

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