Emanuele Cuccillato

Policy Analyst

Emanuele joined the Joint Research Centre in 2014 inspired by the idea to work for the future of Europe. He is passionate about helping to find solutions that work and facilitating collaboration across disciplines. Since 2001 he has lived in Africa and Asia working on international development, climate change, knowledge management, strategic planning and evaluation with multilateral (World Bank, UNDP, FAO, WFP, WMO), bilateral (UK DFID, Italian Cooperation), and non-governmental (IUCN, IIED) organizations. He engaged in interdisciplinary initiatives such as the development of the evaluation frameworks of the national climate change strategies of Cambodia and Mozambique, knowledge management for climate change adaptation in China, integrated research for the sustainable management of mountain ecosystems in Nepal, Pakistan and China, and soil and water conservation in Tunisia. He holds a MSc in Forestry and Environmental Management (2000) awarded by the University of Florence, Italy.

Twitter: @ECuccillato