Joana Sousa Lourenco

Policy Analyst – Behavioural Insights

Joana’s work is centred on the application of behavioural insights to policymaking, including translating findings from behavioural research into policy relevant advice. She has also been involved in foresight projects, which allowed her to gain hands-on experience on the use of this approach to engage policymakers with different possible futures. Joana is particularly interested in the application of behavioural science insights as a tool to support policy innovation and evidence-based policymaking. She holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (University of Warwick, UK) and an MSc in Experimental Psychology in its Applications (University of Minho, PT). Joana has also worked as a visiting scholar at Washington University in Saint Louis (US) and gained experience with science communication (BBC/Imperial College’s intensive course). Prior to joining the Joint Research Centre in April 2015, her academic research focused mainly on the topics of human cognition and ageing and used experimental approaches.