Citizen as Policy Influencer

Clara Llamas, Jessica Venø, Tracy Gordon, Tianyuan Wei (University of the Arts London, UK)

Engaging citizens in policy making through local councils and open discussions

We present a future scenario where citizens are an active part of local policy making. In 2030 all citizens receive an income to spend part of their time as policy makers. This was made possible in an act of government in 2020 for citizens to engage in regular and ongoing local policy participation. Since that time it has also been an intrinsic part of the education system, with numeracy, literacy and public participation as they key pillars of the school system from Year 1 of schooling.

The role of councillors in local government is to provide expert facilitation of these citizen-led, open discussions. Citizens are regular and active problem-solvers in local policy meetings. They are organised by local councillors into competence clusters, in order to fully represent key stakeholder needs fairly and efficiently.


  • keijo

    Very interesting proposal, but how can we fund the extra income for the participants?

    • stoerec

      Any proposals are welcome. I know, that voluntary activities in municipal parliaments are refunded. Maybe this is a starting point; however, this would be another dimension in political dimension and financial terms.

  • zusa

    Interesting!! How are you going to engage the educational system?

    • stoerec

      This is a good question, thanks. We would be interested in receiving ideas and proposals how this could look like.

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