Citizens Voices

Himanshu Rohilla, Interaction Design (Malmö University, Sweden)

Home voice assistants acting as touch points for citizens to interact with their governments

Home voice assistants are used on the local level to enable a higher participatory form of democracy. These assistants in the future will act as touch points for citizens to interact with their government. The role of government would be that of a service provider, ensuring implementation of policies and running the operations of the city. Using open data and artificial intelligence these assistants will provide information to inhabitants, take complaints, register stories about their experiences, allow them to propose new policies and invite participation and provide mechanism for engagement on policy discussions.


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  • jmswitters

    I think that the idea behind this is great and it would serve as a fantastic format to log public issues, generate debates, collect public opinion on certain topics and also to generate ideas about how public space can be better utilised. However, in order to reduce the need for everyone to have a home voice assistant, could this not be simply converted into mobile application with the same features making it accessible to all of those people with a smart phone? The home voice assistant could be an add-on for those that want to use it.

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