Victor Betriu (ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain)

Ensuring equal rights and the acceptance of marginal collectives

This project explores how cities might change if political discourse that claims to be inclusive and utopian were taken seriously. How can we move away from thinking of public space as a spectacle or consumer product? What would urban misery look like, if it acquired dignity, beauty and functionality? In this future, public monuments are no longer about erecting a statue to remember a historic figure or event. Instead, the term monument has been abolished and replaced by ‘countermonument’. Countermonuments are public artefacts that represent tangible messages that people want to express in a physical way in urban spaces. They communicate what citizens want to share with public authorities, making a statement as well as being functional and promoting spontaneous citizen actions that communicate the reality and the concerns of a place or community.

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  • jmswitters

    A very interesting concept, particularly the idea of the people who live in a public space being able to express how it should look like and feel. How would the creation of these countermonuments be facilitated?

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