Democracy Contract

Per-Anders Hillgren, Erika Augustinsson, Maria Collings, Richard Gullstrand, Anna Landeborg, Johan Lidmark, Jeanette Flodqvist, Mikael Jung, Julia Magnusson, Kontie Moussa, Rozalia Weisz, Anna Åkerberg (Malmö University, Sweden)

Developing a new social contract for broader citizen engagement in policy making

A new social contract will be developed that demands extensive efforts from citizens to engage in democracy. In return they receive basic income. The contract will contain different elements across a citizen’s lifetime. (1) Democracy will become a separate subject in school with its own grading. (2) Young adults have to do a compulsory Democracy Service (instead of Military service). (3) Workplaces will dedicate one week a year to democratic activities. (4) In later years, seniors will act as guides and facilitators in the Democracy Service.


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  • jmswitters

    This is a little bit controversial. You cannot oblige people to participate. If you pay for participation, you undermine the fundamental value and you lower the quality of the debate. People will speak not because they care, but because they are getting paid.

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