Democracy Contract

Per-Anders Hillgren, Erika Augustinsson, Maria Collings, Richard Gullstrand, Anna Landeborg, Johan Lidmark, Jeanette Flodqvist, Mikael Jung, Julia Magnusson, Kontie Moussa, Rozalia Weisz, Anna Åkerberg (Malmö University, Sweden)

Developing a new social contract for broader citizen engagement in policy making

A new social contract will be developed that demands extensive efforts from citizens to engage in democracy. In return they receive basic income. The contract will contain different elements across a citizen’s lifetime. (1) Democracy will become a separate subject in school with its own grading. (2) Young adults have to do a compulsory Democracy Service (instead of Military service). (3) Workplaces will dedicate one week a year to democratic activities. (4) In later years, seniors will act as guides and facilitators in the Democracy Service.


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