Garbage Privacy

Viktoriia Baran, Agnieszka Bartosz, Anna Kavouras (School of Form, University SWPS, Poznan, Poland)

Losing freedom of choice and privacy through the constant monitoring of data

The concept invites you to decide which path you would take in the face of a difficult choice. People are offered two options: 1) total lack of privacy or control of their own data and the transfer of all data to digital companies in exchange for access to basic public services; 2) data privacy, but total lack of services from the government (education, healthcare, etc.) as well as lack of possibility of being a candidate on the job market. If a person is not a part of the system, they are perceived as individuals without a digital identity, as there is no available data on them. They live on the margins of the society.



  • monikaw1

    very scary scenario, do you think there could be a third option, some kind of a compromise? how would it look like?

  • jmswitters

    I completely agree with the comment above. It is a good way of making a point but it would have been good to suggest how al alternative approach could be? If this is the problem, what could be a possible solution?

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