Mayor Bot

Erika Cortese, Giulia Mangolini, Chiara Piva, Simone Piuri, Giovanni Roccabianca (Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy)

Bringing new forms of evidence on policy issues via an AI digital agent

The Mayor Bot is an artificial digital agent based on big and open data. It can influence the decision-making process and suggest possible alternatives scenarios making the visualization and usage of data more natural for policymakers. The Mayor Bot becomes a data-driven voice capable of bringing new forms of evidence into discussions about the policy issues being addressed.


  • milanes

    Well, connecting people through social media is essential in order to connect them also in real life. But I’m scared that by talking with each other mainly within an electronic device we’ll lose the capability to enjoy a conversation in real life. Moreover, there’s a problem linked to privacy because the Autorithies can spy all social media users.

    • erika

      You are right, social media changed forever the definition of human interaction.
      Nowadays, communication is a constant of every moment, whether it takes place face to face (from person to person), or it is virtual through social media, or it is virtual from human to interface. If we think about what we call digital assistants and the importance (and confidence ) they are taking in our lives, we can really redefine the meaning of conversation. We are not entirely losing the pleasure of communicating as we are creating new possibilities for dialogue, through technologies that will also help us to strengthen what we are saying.
      Imagine your data not as something that is stolen from you, but rather as a way of spreading your choices and thoughts to the people responsible for the common good.
      They said that “what we do is what we are”: are our data not the results of our choices?

  • naufumi

    I think it’s a really brilliant and useful idea in the society we’re in now

  • pssd2

    It is a certain fact that technology is and will increasingly make a part of our lives. As this project shows, the secret is to use it not as an end, but as a means of obtaining benefits

    • enomis

      Technology is part of our life. All our devices are connected to each other in an autonomous and continuous way. Why not find the way to connect also a tool capable of improving interaction with policy makers? Sharing information and data is the main feature of development and growth. A greater involvement of the actors (government, citizens, policy makers, experts..) can represent a drastic change, able to respond to social political problems that worry many European countries.

  • silvia87

    The society is reinforcing the difference between social classes and roles. People have lost and will lose their trust in the government and in the political economy. In this context, Technology must represent the transparent tool to improve the connection between People and policy makers. Technology as an instrument not as a solution.

  • dbfrancesca

    Technology is starting to represent a consistent part of nowadays life. Always more, it will be necessary a change of direction in the use of data available, in order to gain benefits, without losing the attention to the privacy issues. Major Bot moves a step to a new kind of innovative and immediate communication, that efficiently combines the human with the machine way of interacting.

  • lautaro

    This idea is very focused on the technological period that we are going through. This is because AI is one of the most innovative fields of science and also pathbreaking. As a result this project suggest a real solution for the decision making process and as well support policymakers with unmistakable data.

  • pablo

    Very forward-looking concept! I think you have been really accurate in predicting that AI and big data analysis will be crucial in the future of policymakers but also of ordinary citizens. A tool like Mayor Bot allows to break down information asymmetries and thus to increase social equality. As other users have already pointed out, it would be interesting to discuss the flipside of this innovation.

    • enomis

      It’s all true Pablo! The main goal of our concept is to improve the perception and the effect of social inequality. Within a reality that is directed towards a technological world, we need to keep in mind the human role, how technology can be a tool to satisfy the needs expressed by users, and provide new possibilities to change the future.

  • gianna

    I think that such a project can help politicians to take decisions that are more citizen-oriented. Since the voices of citizens are not always taken into account, with this technology, the data collected are transformed into the voices and needs of citizens and enter directly into the rooms where the decisions are taken. Brilliant, hurray!

  • oettam

    It is very interesting to think about a new technological tool that can increase the connection between citizens and policy makers! Now with the use of social networks it is possible to create direct low-cost communication channels. But, how can we imagine the future? Perhaps technology could improve this type of communication through an instrument such as “Mayor Bot”. Communication needs to be guided and give voice to useful indications to the final goal, for which data visualization and innovations such as these can make social and political problems and changes more understandable.

  • patrizio

    Data is the new currency that allows large companies to gain power.
    The government must find solutions that can use data received from its citizens transparently in order to make shared decisions at national, regional or municipal level.

    • berti

      Sorry Patrizio, I wanted to answer your message.
      I am an expert in finance and cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, there are new forms of exchanging goods and services, for which new forms of money are born, such as cryptocurrencies. Data of each user represents value and so, citizens must be aware that each of their actions determines a result that can determine decisions and solutions. Mayor Bot can include a transparent way to use data as innovative currency between citizens and government.

  • berti

    Data is the new currency that allows large companies to gain power. the government must find solutions that can use data received from its citizens transparently in order to make shared decisions at national, regional or municipal level.

  • rosetto

    Projects like this one can transforme society and creating challenges for
    governments around the world. Citizens, now accustomed to the ease of buying
    products from Amazon or hailing rides from Uber, have greater expectations about
    the way their government should deliver services. In addition, as technologies such
    as artificial intelligence (AI) advance at a breakneck pace, government must
    respond to both the opportunities and the disruptions that result.

  • ilaria

    Beautiful project, I find that technologies, which help people in their daily lives, are fundamental and should not frighten. Having a lot of information at your disposal means having more knowledge, this helps you to make better choices. I am a mother and a teacher, this project leads me to reflect on the importance of the education of the new generations. We adults must take responsability for this important task, which we owe to the younger generation.

  • dorakar

    I find this interesting!

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