Sherlock – Citizen Decision-making

Amber Ruske, Chenyu Hou, Poorume Yoo, Wenxiu Yang, Yuneui Choi (University of the Arts London, UK)

Providing better decision making and public service delivery through the use of a mobile app and AI

Sherlock is a platform that people can access to submit opinions they have on the policy proposals. The purpose of platform is to provide better decision making and public service delivery to citizens, while promoting open democracy. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse citizens’ historic data to predict future problems and provide suitable solutions to prevent them. In addition, citizens can also submit problems and use Sherlock’s AI to find solutions. For each problem and suggested solution, a personalised report on how it would affect them, their local community and services is issued. Sherlock aims to educate citizens on different viewpoints, so they can be empowered with the ability to make informed decisions.


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  • jmswitters

    I particularly like the fact that local problems and issues can be submitted through this platform and that discussions can be generated around them. This is extremely positive. The fact that the system also allows for voting could also be very useful for decisions makers to gage how the community feels regarding certain issues and tailor their policies accordingly. My only concern is how exactly the AI will work and the validity/un-biased nature of the information generated for each citizen.

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