Tailored Taxes

Helena Amor, Miro Peloso, Ellen Wolf and Lisa Moser (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland)

Giving society a voice in governmental decisions when filing taxes

An existing touch-point where government and citizens connect is the tax-return system. Filing the tax-return will become a pleasant and interesting experience and make people engage with government decision making. It will directly enable citizens to decide in which public policy area 30% of their tax should be invested. Giving society a voice in governmental decisions especially when it deals with citizens’ money gains more trust and transparency. The fact that adult citizens have to fill in a tax-return demands that the experience is designed for and with people.

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  • jmswitters

    This is a great idea! There are many pilots on this and it helps making people more directly interested in politics. It can also help generate meaningful, non-ideological policy debates, focussing discussions on real world issues and how to solve them, not fighting about abstract ideas.

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