New voting processes

Nora Furer, Jan Gertsch and Jonathan Grubenmann (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

Participating in voting by integrating digital innovations

Instead of receiving voting letters, like in the past, citizens simply follow a link sent to their smartphone by the government. After an automatic face recognition security check, citizens activate their personal voting account, where they receive access to brief and objective informational videos, explaining the subjects being voted upon, as well as the pros and cons of voting for or against them. After watching the informational videos, citizens may either directly vote or access more in-depth information about the relevant topics.

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  • jmswitters

    An interesting concept, particularly for voting on referendums and other regional and local initiatives. One of the main difficulties here would be ensuring non-biased information is included in the informational videos. Objective, un-biased sources are hard to come and would be necessary to help make this initiative work. It’s application for electing political representatives could also be restrictive.

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