Kateryna Bielobrova, Maja Krajewska, Martyna Nawrocka (School of Form, University SWPS, Poznan, Poland)

Obtaining access to public services based on daily physical exercising

WeActiv is an app created to connect people via mandatory physical exercises. Everyone, in this future scenario, is obliged to do daily physical exercises in order to access medical services. As an incentive, WeActiv proposes sport activities in the user’s neighborhood, gathering people in groups. This helps diversify the type of exercises (by learning from each other) and meet new people. As a reward for the collective effort and based on the performance, the user is offered special benefits.


  • monikaw1

    Very brave but also scary project! Do you think people will tend to cheat the system somehow?

  • jmswitters

    Could the system be changed around and instead of be obliged to do exercise, it could be that people receive discount and other benefits of they do do certain physical activities?

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