Extended Self

Citizen Activism and Control

Mateo Palazzi (ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain)

Merging humans and their virtual mirrors to generate a world of diffuse and intertwined possibilities

Many people consider their appearance and their reputation on social networks of utmost importance. By performing the daily virtual management of their own image, these ‘curators of the self’ hit an inflexion point where real life and virtual life act are intertwined. Alienated by a continuous feed of excessive information, people do not distinguish between their digitized and hyper-connected selves, including those owned by social media companies and realised through social networks. As a result, people lose control of their virtual selves and thus of their reality. In this future, digitized selves, visible on screens in different sizes (computers, mobile phones, tablets etc.), become extensions of the self. Humanity and its virtual mirrors merge, generating a world of diffuse and intertwined possibilities in which digitized selves express feelings and anxieties that are all too human.

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  • jmswitters

    A scenario that is all too relevant at present. Is there anyway that these digital selves would be able to provide guidance and help to the lost “real” selves?

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