At the WITI kick-off symposium, Eckhard Stoermer hosted a foresight and design thinking workshop on the future of government, to disseminate the dialogue about possible future transformation of the relationship between citizens and government until 2030+.

The project Knowledge and Ideas Transfer for Innovation in Public Administration (Wissens- und Ideentransfer für Innovation in der Verwaltung / WITI) held its kick-off symposium on 17th May in Speyer. WITI wants to build a policy lab at the university for the regional and local public administrations in the metropole region Rhine-Neckar. The innovation lab for the public sector should bring actors from different areas together and develop new solutions in collaboration of businesses, universities and government following the triple helix model of regional specialization and innovation.

In the FuturGov workshop sessions, participants were immersed into one future persona’s life of the FuturGov citizen dialogue phase. The participants were analysing the needs and pains of the persona from a human-centric perspective and developed new ideas of government that respond the needs of the citizen. The workshop on the one hand presented and exposed participants to innovative transdisciplinary methods coming from the JRC project of the EU Policy Lab. The ideas reached from digital marketplaces for citizens to include them more in the society, incentive systems for virtual public engagement that offers physical meeting places in collaborative gardens and thus transfers the focus on virtual collaboration back to the face-to-face social communication and support. Public clouds for sharing learning contents and materials with gamified approaches for better learning are another idea. Also more radical concepts of redistribution through taxes and expropriation to a world revolution that offers the opportunity to design a new government and public administration were developed. The workshops were run in a lively and creative atmosphere; participants had fun in thinking out of the box. The results will be taken up in the FuturGov project and this kind of workshop will be further developed.

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