#FuturGov Scenario 1

DIY Democracy

the societal gap increased drastically, governments are not able to provide proper public services and citizens have to look after themselves?


The societal gap has increased; the state power has diminished; public services have become very limited. However, citizens feel strong and empowered; they are engaged in the public life by co-creating DIY public services. Digitalization helps the grassroots initiatives to reach out widely, but people also consider offline physical gatherings and work important. Citizens’ participation in politics is strong at the local level and only transferred indirectly to the national and supra-national governments, who have to balance between the companies’ and citizens’ interests.

Key drivers of the scenario

  • Increasing social gap
  • Decreasing financial capabilities of states
  • Rise of a sharing society empowered by digital platforms
  • Decentralisation and atomisation of government