#FuturGov Scenario 2

Private Algocracy


the power over data, data analytics and decision making are fully moved to multi-national data companies who is taking over the regulation?


Individual data are collected everywhere mainly by monopolistic digital tech companies, because the implementation of GDPR and follow on regulations of AI, blockchain etc. did not bring the expected results as big digital companies refused found back doors to it Surveillance by private companies is strong and there is no transparency. The logic of algorithm-based political decision-making processes and deals between government and companies are opaque. Citizens’ political interests are interpreted from their data profile.

Key drivers of the scenario

  • Power accumulation of global digital giants, mainly from the US and China
  • Advancements in data integration in an Internet of Everything (AI, IoT, Big Data, etc.)
  • Expansion of business ecosystems of the giant digital companies into public services
  • Diminishing role of democracy in public life
  • Decreasing role of democratic institutions, World Economic Forum taking over the role of the United Nations