The Industrial Landscape Generator is a participatory method developed by the JRC on the basis of its foresight work. It has been developed on demand from services of the European Commission to produce practical recommendations for action in the context of industrial policy. It has been applied to diverse industrial sectors. The tool takes a long-term perspective (vision) and generates recommendations for all relevant stakeholders, especially policy makers and the selected industrial sectors themselves, for actions needed to reach a commonly agreed vision. The process is meant to be performed over a 4-6 month period.

What the Industrial Landscape Generator provides

The Industrial Landscape Generator provides a way to mobilise the key stakeholders around specific industrial sectors and makes them work together through three main stages. In the first stage, they generate a shared long-term vision (possibly aligned with broad policy objectives). In the second stage they are faced with a range of challenges set in the context of mini-scenarios. In the final stage, they are asked to formulate concrete recommendations for actions that each of the stakeholders should take in order to reach the agreed long-term vision.

How the Industrial Landscape Generator works

Once a sector of interest has been identified, a representative set of participants from the sector is mobilised and mixed with external stakeholders so as to reach a 2/3 – 1/3 ratio (about 30-40 participants). In a first 2-day workshop, they develop together a vision on the basis of a standard industrial landscape model developed by the JRC. This vision and a set of challenges extracted from conversations at the first workshop are then used in a second 2-day workshop to make participants react to realistic sets of challenges and formulate recommendations for action.

How to access the Industrial Landscape Generator

The Industrial Landscape Generator is available to any interested party under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) that lets people use it and transform it as long as the source is acknowledged. To obtain a printable version of the Industrial Landscape Generator, please contact us at

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