It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Young Leaders for the second year in a row. We can now affirm that this carefully selected, exceptional group of people does not disappoint! This year we had the opportunity to co-facilitate a brainstorming session together with them at the European Development Days (EDDs) and shape innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

activities cards

Activity cards

Following an intense day of preparation (you can read Alice’s blog post or watch a short video of the day ), this brainstorming session provided a space where the YL’s could test their ideas with the wider audience of the EDDs. In a room full of active participants, each of four groups discussed a set of 3 SDGs. At their tables the YL made exceptional facilitators and led lively discussions in identifying priority areas and actions we should work towards to achieve the SDGs.

group discussion

table discussion

Before the end of the brainstorming session, one YL from each group summarised their main take-away messages and lessons-learned. Fostering critical thinking in schools and informal education but also the role of women in development, the mobilisation of young people and the need for a human-centred approach to development are only some of the major issues tackled. Have a look at the YL blog and see what the YL themselves had to say about it! See #policyLab4EU for all the social media activity during the EDDs regarding us and check out the graphic representation of this session.

Throughout the two days the YL sat in a high-level panels together with ministers, Heads of State and EU Commissioners where they also brought forward some of the messages that came out from our work together.

We wish best of luck to all the YL in their future endeavours! We look forward to following their activities worldwide!

group pic edd

Group picture

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