The “Megatrends Implications Assessment” is a workshop tool on anticipatory thinking and foresight for policy makers developed by the JRC together with experts in Foresight from Future Impacts. It uses visual and facilitation techniques to structure a 360 degree review of political questions in an engaging way.

What the Megatrends Implications Assessment provides

The Megatrends workshop offers a short, easily accessible, very understandable, attractive workshop format on the basis of the FOR-KNOW megatrends that can be used by a variety of policy-makers in the EU-policy context. The participants are presented an overview of the megatrends and engaged to discuss the potential implications the identified megatrends could have for their respective policy field. This way, the policymakers are introduced to foresight and long-term thinking, without having to learn foresight.

How the Megatrends Implications Assessment works

The tool provides an attractive, dialogue-based workshop that offers a short and accessible systemic overview of the global megatrends to foster discussion about their potential implications to a specific policy field. Furthermore first ideas are identified of eventual policy strategies to address the implications. The workshop uses the 14 megatrends addressed by the ForKnow JRC project that can be used by policymakers in the EU-policy context.

The format allows a focused interactive discussion around potential major directions of long-term change and to generate inputs for general long-term planning in policy. The workshop takes three to four hours and should be run in a collaborative effort of four to eight participants or multiples of them. The workshop approach can be easily adapted to meet particular needs of specific policy topics or questions.

Facts and figures

The Megatrends Implications Assessment tool development was completed in January 2018 after an extensive testing phase with foresight experts and policy makers. It is based on vast experience of Megatrends workshops with companies and the  public sector.

How to access the Megatrends Implications Assessment

The “Megatrends Implications Assessment” is available to any interested party under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-SA) that lets people use it and transform it. To obtain a printable version of the ” Megatrends Implications Assessment”, please contact us at


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