In our foresight work, we use megatrends (long-term driving forces that are observable now and will most likely have significant influence on the future) to consider in a structured way all the various changes going on in different areas. Our basis is a set of 14 global megatrends that are relevant for the future of Europe, organized in the Megatrends Hub.

It is also a great way of introducing a structured way of thinking about the future of whatever issue we hold dear to our heart (personally or professionally). To do this we have developed a workshop to engage different audiences.

In June we ran such a session with representatives of Polish regions in Brussels hosted by East Poland House. After a brief introduction to the 14 megatrends, the participants were divided into groups of 5-6 people. Each group chose a topic which would be the basis of discussion – Polish membership in the EU being particularly popular.

The participants first assessed the importance of individual megatrends in shaping the future of the issue at stake, and what aspects of each were the most relevant. As a second step, they discussed what kind of impacts these megatrends would have. As a result, each group developed their own map assessing the implication of megatrends on their issue (in very animated discussions).

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