The Social Biking project (S-b) wants to motivate European citizens to be more physically active and use more environmentally sustainable forms of transport. It is an internet based intervention project, coordinated by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, designed to collect primary data related to biking and social networks and identify the most efficient social-based incentives for physical activity.

The project is based on a tracking app for bikers, the BikePrints app, available in Google Play and Apple app stores. The app allows users to form interactive groups and track their rides to collectively earn points and prizes. Different interaction schemes are being tested in a pilot study in Berlin (Berlin S-b Challenge) between 29 September and 03 November, 2017. Prizes will be distributed locally by JRC’s local collaborator in Berlin (ADFC) but the app is globally available and anyone can participate in the Challenge.

For more information download our app or visit our S-b website.

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