Today we launch the final report on The Future of Customs in the EU 2040. It is the outcome of a one-year-long participatory foresight process, in which representatives from all relevant stakeholder groups participated. Through scenario building, we answered to the question: How could Europe look like in 2040? What would customs be like in a dynamic or stalling European economy? What about a conflictual or peaceful world? Moreover, a vision-building process responded to: How do we want EU Customs to be in 2040?

Find out more about the main outcomes of the foresight process here (or download the report directly).

Watch videos of four different future scenarios and the co-created vision for EU Customs in 2040.

Within this project, a tool was developed to explore future scenarios on customs: the EU Customs edition of the Scenario Exploration System. You can find information, instructions and printable files here.

We wrote blog posts about all the different participatory workshops that were part of the foresight process. You can find them here.

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We want to express our gratitude for all engagement in and support to this project. Feel free to continue the discussion and share your thoughts on social media using #futureofcustoms and #foresight4EU, and follow the official Twitter accounts @EU_ScienceHub & @EU_Taxud!

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