The EU Policy Lab is currently running a project on the future of migration in Europe. This project contributes to the foresight and anticipation capacity of the European Commission in the policy areas of migration, asylum and integration.

Migration is a topic of utmost importance for the future of Europe. Migration policies and systems of governance can benefit from a forward-looking assessment and reflection on global trends that are likely to shape future migration outcomes in Europe and beyond.

On the 16th October we will host a policy workshop in order to:

1)      discuss expert knowledge with high relevance for EU policy-making in the area of migration and integration

2)      jointly draw policy-relevant insights and recommendations

3)      demonstrate and provide hands-on experience of a range of engagement tools based on foresight scenarios that stimulate forward-looking and systemic understanding of migration with the aim of increasing awareness among potential users

The workshop will gather 65 – 75 invited participants from different sections of the European Commission, academia, think tanks, civil society and member states.

The morning will be devoted to transfer of knowledge and plenary discussions and the afternoon interactive labs will go deeper in exploring topics such as the effects and effectiveness of migration policies, the role of demographic trends and environmental change in driving migration and the future of integration in increasingly diverse Europe.

At this stage, we can also accommodate a limited number of additional participants. If you are interested to attend, please let us know! Registration is open until 9 October 10am and available here:

We will provide further information about the outcomes from this event on this blog after 16 October.

For more information contact:

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