Behavioural insights applied to policy in Europe

A project to identify, collect and describe the wealth of policy interventions directly or indirectly informed by behavioural insights to further exploit the use of behavioural insights in policymaking within and outside the European Commission.


Awareness-raising and creation of a network of practitioners

The activity has a twofold objective, firstly to raise awareness on the spread of behavioural policy applications in Europe and their potential for making policy interventions more effective. Secondly, it aims to create a network of Government representatives willing to share their knowledge and experience. This will help the EU Policy Lab identifying local partners for joint field studies.


Behavioural interventions at country, regional and local level

The application of behavioural insights to policy is expanding across Europe. In some EU Member States, such as Germany and the UK, Centralised behavioural insights teams have been established within the national governments, while in other – e.g. Denmark, France and the Netherlands – ministries have taken the lead. Also at the global level, the World Bank and the OECD have published reports emphasising the importance of identifying and addressing behavioural elements in policy.
To consolidate relevant past and current experiences, the EU Policy Lab will collect information on how behavioural insights approaches are being used at a national, regional or local level.


Online survey, desk research, interviews and a participative workshop

The EU Policy Lab will map behavioural insight actors, trends, capacities, establish conversations with Member States’ representatives and explore possible avenues for collaboration. Information is being collected through a mix of approaches: an online survey, desk research and interviews. Such evidence will be analysed and presented in a report, to be published by February 2016.An interactive 2-days workshop with representatives of European national governments will also be organised. By sharing and continuously updating the information collected through such review, the EU Policy Lab can act as a facilitator of a network of European actors.

Knowledge Sharing

New developments in the application of behavioural insights to policy

Are you aware of a policy initiative that uses behavioural insights in your country? Has your government recently decided to devote more staff or to develop a new institution to apply behavioural sciences to policy? Are you aware of an instance where policy-makers relied on a large dataset to gather behavioural evidence? If so please provide us with your input at the following address (Competence Centre on Behavioural Insights):

We will use this information to constantly update the  country overviews , showing how each country is applying insights from behavioural science to policy-making.

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