Co-creating a European Ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for Social and Public Good

This project is running in cooperation with the European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), with support from the European Parliament as a Pilot Project.


Scanning and anticipating the potential of DLTs for social and public goals

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), the most well-known being blockchains, are one of the emerging technologies foreseen to have a deep and broad impact over the coming years. These technologies are now mostly associated with business use cases oriented towards market efficiencies, from cryptocurrencies, fintech or regtech, to asset track and tracing in advanced industries. But there are also numerous initiatives looking into alternative ways to harness the potential of DLTs to pursue social and public good objectives. This field ranges from DLT applications tackling specific local challenges to those addressing larger global agendas. Based on DLT features such as decentralization, it essentially entails the use of these technologies to enable more sustainable, ethical, inclusive, participatory, cooperative, open, transparent, resilient or accountable digital and physical worlds. We are now in a crucial moment to understand what this field is and what it can become. We need to do it not only by scanning current and potential horizons, but also by creating new decision-making pathways that simultaneously allow for private, public and third-sector organizations to extract the best benefits for all through the exploration of DLTs.


Action-research and experimentation on new models of technology development

The project aims to stimulate research and experimentation in the development and use of DLTs for social and public good. This emerges from the need to survey and test new models to be able to proactively counteract solutions that merely target competitive advantages at commercial levels. Our main focus is placed on the establishment of forward-looking approaches to stimulate research on, and production, uptake and scaling up of DLT solutions suited to organizations striving for better and more distributed governance and distribution of resources. The goal is to promote and support the co-creation of a robust European ecosystem of experts, stakeholders, companies, and other organizations already working on or interested in deploying DLT applications for these purposes. The project’s outputs will directly inform initiatives supported or coordinated by the European Commission, as well as establish best practices and guidelines to better uphold experimentation within a broader field of emerging technologies.


Qualitative explorations via stakeholder-centric and co-creation frameworks

The knowledge generated within this project is based on aggregated primary and secondary research and development. This ranges from desk research and expert knowledge to participatory and co-creation frameworks aimed at supporting policy, research and technological development initiatives. Core activities will include:

  • scanning for and mapping current, emerging and potential applications, sectors, organisations, and more, in the field of DLTs for social and public good;
  • gathering experts, advisers and other stakeholders from diverse disciplines, sectors and organisations to guide and support the project and its stakeholders;
  • co-designing and supporting an Accelerator programme to directly stimulate the creation and advancement of promising DLT applications for social and public good;
  • and contributing to policy frameworks and other guidelines for experimentation and broader investment on other emerging technologies for social and public good.


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