FTA2018 – Future in the making

On June 4-5 2018 the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is organising the 6th edition of the FTA (Future-oriented Technology Analysis) international conference ‘Future in the Making’ to explore how to bridge the future with the present.

In a time when policymaking is going through a paradigm shift, a stronger emphasis is placed on the ability and flexibility of future-oriented methods to respond to new needs. The conference will foster conversations on how to combine forward-looking approaches with elements of complementary disciplines – i.e. design for policy, behavioural insights and science and technology studies – to improve its strategic relevance for policymaking.

FTA2018 will be an opportunity to debate insights from a selection of recent future-oriented research around a number of policy themes, to exchange on methods, to get hands-on experience of tools and to network with practitioners, academics and policymakers.


Join the conversation on how to shape policymaking in times of transition! Let’s discuss how to better engage citizens in policymaking.


Register and find out more on the FTA2018 web page