Future of Industries

A project running in cooperation with the EU Commission Directorate General for the Internal market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) to support the development of industrial policies to strenghten manufacturing in the EU, creating jobs and growth.



Innovation in manufacturing

Over the last decade, manufacturing in the EU has continued to decrease in terms of its share of EU GDP and in terms of employment. There is a political will to reverse this trend by supporting innovation in manufacturing. Adequate policy actions can facilitate this happening. For this it is important to work together with the European manufacturing industry to identify the opportunities and challenges to further develop a stronger manufacturing industry in Europe.


A test case to envision how the European industry will look like in 2025

The project deploys the Industrial Landscape Vision for 2025, which has been developed through the JRC Foresight Study on the future of standards. The Lab uses this general vision to build specific visions for different manufacturing sectors in 2025, and to understand more about the opportunities and challenges that European manufacturers face to achieve this vision. The project will then focus upon how various industry and policy actors can respond to these opportunities and challenges.

The textile and clothing sector was used a first test case to develop and validate the approach. In 2016, we are using the same foresight methodology for our second case study, namely the sector of the non-ferrous metals manufacturing industry.


A “Policy Lab” approach

The EU Policy Lab adopts a participatory approach. It works directly with the sectoral industrial association and companies and it involves a range of other relevant stakeholders and experts from universities, trade bodies, and European Institutions.
The activities aim at developing a systemic and future-oriented thinking.

The process will result in a set of recommendations for action by policymakers and industrial actors.

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