On July 12, 2016, Gemma Adams and Corina Angheloiu from Forum for the Future joined Simon Pickard, Ludwig Roger and Marco Matrisciano, from ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society – for a session to discover the JRC Scenario Exploration System (SES).This session was held at the EU Policy Lab in Brussels. All our visitors are part of the EU-InnovatE project, partly funded by Horizon 2020 (the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation). EU-InnovatE addresses the obstacles and prospects for sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe. It focusses on four domains, energy, living, mobility and food, for which it developed scenarios for 2050. The key idea is to investigate the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial roles of users in developing novel sustainable products, services and systems (“Sustainable Lifestyles 2.0”).

The EU-InnovatE project

The main objective of EU-InnovatE is to develop and disseminate concepts and tools to enhance the active roles of end users to (co-) invent, (co-) design, (co-) produce and (co-) market novel sustainable products. To achieve this, and among other activities, EU-InnovatE will engage in understanding the complex relationships between natural resources, human needs, technology, and economics with a focus on consumers’ values and behaviour in Europe (past and present). It will also analyse the short- and long-term obstacles and opportunities associated with the transition to sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe.

It is in this perspective that today’s participants wanted to understand how the JRC SES could help them achieve the objectives of their project. Indeed, the JRC SES facilitates systemic reflections and the Sustainable Transitions edition of the SES that we used was geared at generating discussions in line with EU-InnovatE interests. The session took place in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. It was followed by a very constructive conversation to analyse further what had happened during the scenario exploration and understand better what can and cannot be expected from this type of engagement. In view of the encouraging feedback received, we are looking forward to a fruitful follow-up.

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