29 Feb 2016

Building a community of policy practitioners using Behavioural Insights

Following the publication of the Report 'Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy', on February 23rd the EU Policy Lab organised a workshop with European government representatives in Brussels. Amongst those in attendance were 34 government representatives from 21 European countries, OECD staff members and colleagues from the European Commission. The workshop aimed at raising awareness on how behavioural insights are increasingly being applied to policies across Europe and their potential for making policy interventions more effective.

22 Feb 2016

Behavioural Insights Applied to Policy: European Report 2016

How do private companies ensure that new products will have sufficient demand? How can pharmaceutical companies be sure that new medicines will have proven health effects? How can the automotive industry design more aerodynamic and safer cars? While there is no mystery around what delivers better products in the private sector, yet the same approach struggles to trickle down to the public sector. It aint's what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's