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Co-designing a “bottom-up” community to improve the management of European Regional Development Funds – REGIO KnowShare

In this historical period, the European Union is seen by far too many people as an aloof Institution characterized by a high degree of democratic deficit. When you face a challenge in your everyday job it is of the utmost importance to have a qualified second opinion, it makes you feel part of a community of people. In the long run, it means creating professional and personal bonds and we should not forget that experts

7 Dec 2015

Transforming a region from within

How do you promote a user-centred culture within a regional administration? How do make different parts of an administration speak the same language? How do you involve citizens to co-create services? Well, you participate in the Transfo programme and set up your own design lab. Meeting the 27e Region and the PACA region innovation lab On November 18-19 the 27e Region organised in collaboration with the JRC EU Policy Lab a meeting of French regional