#FuturGov Design Concept – AI-driven Service Delivery

AI-driven Service Delivery Carlos Canali , Zhen Li, Chien Yu Lin, Chia Ying Tsai (University of the Arts London, UK) Government acts as an insurance company, defining the tax amount by measuring the individual's risk potential DISCLAIMER: The document presents a speculative fiction perspective. The brand names and products shown do not at all have any relationship to the real brands and do not relate to any functionality or specifications of the real products or

#FuturGov Design Concept – Democracy Contract

Democracy Contract Per-Anders Hillgren, Erika Augustinsson, Maria Collings, Richard Gullstrand, Anna Landeborg, Johan Lidmark, Jeanette Flodqvist, Mikael Jung, Julia Magnusson, Kontie Moussa, Rozalia Weisz, Anna Åkerberg (Malmö University, Sweden) Developing a new social contract for broader citizen engagement in policy making A new social contract will be developed that demands extensive efforts from citizens to engage in democracy. In return they receive basic income. The contract will contain different elements across a citizen’s lifetime. (1) Democracy

#FuturGov Design Concept – The Maverick Programme

Erasmus 3 - The Maverick Programme Davide Minighin, Davide Susca, Gianvito Fanelli, Alessandra Bari, Elena Panciroli, Sara Gabbioni (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) Using youth exchange programs to develop knowledge on policy systems This program engages youngsters into the civic and governmental decision-making processes of countries/cities where they are hosted for a residency period. It is a   similar to Eramus, but focused on policy-making. The aim is to help young people develop knowledge about different

#FuturGov Design Concept – Citizen Voices

Citizens Voices Himanshu Rohilla, Interaction Design (Malmö University, Sweden) Home voice assistants acting as touch points for citizens to interact with their governments Home voice assistants are used on the local level to enable a higher participatory form of democracy. These assistants in the future will act as touch points for citizens to interact with their government. The role of government would be that of a service provider, ensuring implementation of policies and running the

#FuturGov Design Concept – Countermonuments

Countermonuments Victor Betriu (ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain) Ensuring equal rights and the acceptance of marginal collectives This project explores how cities might change if political discourse that claims to be inclusive and utopian were taken seriously. How can we move away from thinking of public space as a spectacle or consumer product? What would urban misery look like, if it acquired dignity, beauty and functionality? In this future, public monuments are no longer about erecting a

#FuturGov Design Concept – Transpecies

Transpecies Judit Pares (Elisava, Barcelona, Spain) Rebuilding the body via a cyborg as a response to the imposed cultural norms In this project, the laws of evolution have been altered. In 2030, Homo Sapiens has turned into a Super-Human by means of body prostheses. Super-Humans have become hybrid trans-species with cybernetic implants which enable them to transcend the physical limitations of the body. In this future, people want to return to the physical body, and