13 Jul 2017

First Workshop of #Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations

On July 4th we organised the first workshop related to the project #Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations in Brussels. This was the first of a series of participatory and stakeholder engagement activities taking place until February 2018. #Blockchain4EU This project is a forward looking sociotechnical exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) for industrial / non-fintech sectors. It is led by the EU Policy Lab of

17 Mar 2016

From Quality Challenges in Scientific Research and Advice to the Production of Science and Technology by Other Means

Following previous initiatives in the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS), the Joint Research Centre organized a workshop in Ispra, on the 3rd and 4th of March, dedicated to the current challenges of quality assurance in scientific production, application and advice, in a time where issues such as legitimacy seem to be increasingly in question considering established scientific models and their social roles. The event was widely attended with participants from research and academia,